Here Are A Few Tips You Should Consider Before Hiring A Towing Service


Most people are unaware of the responsibilities of towing companies. It is for the best that you know them, to ensure the care and safety of your vehicle. It will also save you from the expense of damage that might occur during towing.

During these uncertain times of Covid-19, be aware of the towing tips you need to follow. Ensure your towing maintains sanitation and safety while towing your vehicle.

3 Main Responsibilities Of Towing Companies 

For all kinds of road mishaps, towing and recovery services are called for.

The common mishaps include cargo on the roadway, vehicle breakdowns, load shift, vehicle crashes, and vehicle collisions with animals, pedestrians, fixed objects, or other vehicles.

Despite the kind of incident and who called for help, these companies have to reach on-site for towing & recovery services. They also need to guarantee the safety of the site, recover & remove the vehicle from the site, and keep it safe. 

1. Guarantee Site Safety

Advancing traffic never stops despite any incident on the road.

The company team that arrives will accompany flares, cones, flashing lights, barricades, flaggers, and sign boards.

They will deploy it to stop added vehicles from being involved, preventing the chances of another incident collectively. 

Anyone on the site, including the driver, responder, or bystanders, should be ensured protection from any harm.

Death or injury from equipment malfunction or failure, explosion, or fire should be taken into consideration and care to secure safe distances for anyone around.

At the site of any incidents, the operators should always, if not in a few instances, wear highly visible clothes. This is mandatory by federal law, under the prescription of ANSI 107-2010.

Any damages of property on-site comprise fluid debris, soil contamination, damage to trees, grass, and shrubs. Such damages should be identified and remedied by the operators. 

2. Recover Vehicles from Incident Scene

Vehicles should be retrieved and placed for loading as suitable for carrying away from the incident scene. 

It will frequently need the aid of a winch and proper equipment such as chains and other hardware. 

The recovery vehicle will need to carry equipment such as a winch, chains, and all necessary hardware accurately sized and in sound working condition. 

Attachment to the casualty should be made to a structurally important member. The movement of the vehicle should be planned appropriately before wenching to prevent any further damage.

The manufacturing process of vehicles should ensure safety, and towing should be to guarantee secure transport.

3. Keep Vehicles & Possessions Safe

The damage caused to the vehicle after a crash can create further issues later on. 

For instance, vehicle wiring damage can cause a fire only a few hours or even days after the crash.

The harm in the seating or cargo space leaves the vehicle interior exposed to the elements.

For immediate protection, the application of crash wrap (thin-film wrap) is necessary.

Towing & recovery companies can fulfill their responsibilities with appropriate tools and training without incurring additional harm, injuries, or damage.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By Towing Scammers

A&G Customs operator is a reliable helping hand to rescue you if your vehicle breaks down on a highway or is met with an accident. 

Towing indeed is a valuable service and valid business genuinely serving the public. You should know which tow service you require to avoid any vehicle damage during the process.

However, there are a few companies out there with questionable business methods and concealed costs to con you. Such scammers end up providing you with a lousy towing experience. 

We want to address this issue so that you can be aware of how to shield yourself from such unethical towing scams. 

Common Ways Towing Companies Can Scam You

  • The most common scam that consumers frequently encounter is when the fraudulent towing companies have a deal with twisted auto body shops by getting paid for towing your damaged vehicle straight to their shop. Whereas other licensed vehicle repair shops charge reasonably. 
  • There are also a few instances where the towing operators park the vehicle on private property and threaten not to release it until you agree to pay their unfair service price. Parking violators are the most susceptible to such frauds. 
  • Another crafty scam includes unofficial individuals with a fake company name and bogus documents. They convince you with false assurances and a praising speech for moving your vehicle to their repair spot, from where your vehicle never returns.

3 Actions You Need To Take To Evade Tow Scams

1. Examine the company credentials

It is better to check the towing company documents than being remorseful after selecting the service provider in haste. The paperwork you should check are insurance and license, to assure the company's credibility.

2. Get a signed contract agreement

It will help you dodge the possibility of ending up with hefty service costs. By signing the contract agreement, you will get details of the charges, the number of operators, kind of tow vehicle, among others. Also, it will safeguard you from scammers. 

3. Evade referrals of auto body shops

Chapter 545 of the municipal code prohibits towing companies from leading or referring anybody to the vehicle repair shops. Also, bear in mind that just creepy towers do such activities. Try to get referrals only from family, friends, and neighbors.


Finally, it is essential to be well aware of towing scams, as this will aid you avoiding tow scam operators. 

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