What Should You Pay for Towing Services and What’s Included?


Have you ever been in a situation when your car broke down in the middle of nowhere in Doylestown? 

If you have, you’re definitely not alone. Most car owners have had at least one experience in their life when they had to rely on towing services. 

This is where 24-hour emergency towing services in Doylestown can come to your rescue. You may feel that towing is simply about transporting your vehicle from spot A to B, but that’s not true.

5 Essential Services Towing Services Provide

  • Jump start your car if required.
  • Mechanics come on-the-spot to help you if the problem is basic.
  • Towing to the nearest repair station, if not in driving condition
  • Battery change, or tire replacement.
  • Gas refill or oil if you run out of it. 
  • Locksmith to help unlock a car in case you’ve lost the keys or you’re locked inside.

Again, if your vehicle needs to be towed, then the towing costs depends on various circumstances and type of vehicle. 

The higher price is usually reserved for heavy-duty vehicles. But the basic cost is between $2.50 and $7.00 per mile. 

What Affects the Cost of Towing?

  • A&G CustomsTowing charges may increase during weekends, late nights or holidays. 
  • If you need to tow your vehicle to a different location other than the nearest repair facility, then that might be an additional cost too. 
  • Labor costs beyond a stipulated time might be an added expense. The cost also depends on the terrain you’re stuck in.
  • If your vehicle accidentally gets stuck in a ditch, then it will take the towing company longer to free the car, which might add to the cost.
  • On an average, you might have to shell out about $100. But it will entirely depend on the distance. Finding a mechanic nearby could help reduce the towing cost.

Does Roadside Assistance come under Insurance Policies?

Roadside assistance coverage varies from one policy provider to another. 

The amount of cover can come with a mileage limit too. 

So at the time of purchase, you should understand the details and what is included. 

Also, if it is a post-accident tow, then, in most cases, your car insurance will cover that tow in your claim itself. 

In most cases having a receipt can help you file a claim on your car insurance. But it is always better to cross-check to avoid surprises at the end.

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