How to Get Your Vehicle Towed with Minimum Damage?


If you’ve ever needed to call a towing service in the past, you probably know how it can damage your vehicle as well as cost a fortune!

6 Ways To Tow Your Vehicle With Minimum Damage

  1. Look for someone you know, maybe family or friend, whose vehicle is more powerful than yours. They should be able to help tow your vehicle if you don’t want to contact a towing service.

  2. Instead of chains or links, use a polyester or nylon strap. The chains and loops tend to break during towing and they are non-elastic. Hence, the latter makes more sense.

  3. At times, hooking the strap can be tricky. So find a proper place to connect the strap and join the two vehicles.
  4. Check elements like steering, lamps and brakes to see if they are functioning well. This is important when you are towing.
  5. Preferably use a route that has less traffic. It will not disturb people on the road, plus it will make it easier for you to reach your destination.
  6. Release the emergency brake once the car gets towed. Follow the towing vehicle and ensure that the vehicle is as still as possible.

If none of your friends can help with towing your vehicle, the next alternative is calling an emergency towing service.

4 things that you need to know about them.

1. Cost

Before finalizing a towing service, consider their cost. You need to know what you’ll be paying for. Also, find out whether your insurance company will cover the towing cost or not.

It’s worth knowing the distance between the place where your vehicle broke down and the auto repair shop.

2. Experience

Experience of an auto repair shop that offers towing service also matters. Find out how long the company has been in service.

If there’s a website, check them out there, read reviews and check the ratings as well. Based on these factors, you can hire an auto repair shop to tow your vehicle.

3. Availability

You can face problems at any time and anywhere.

So it’s essential that you know about the towing services and their availability. Preferably, a 24/7 emergency towing service is much better than those who don’t offer this.

4. Referred by Family and Friends

It’s a great idea to try a towing service that has been recommended by your friends and family.

You’ll know what to expect, their cost as well as the quality of service that’s offered.

Most companies also offer perks that differentiate them from their counterparts. So find out about this as well.

While you’re waiting for the towing service to arrive, do the following.

  • Turn on the lights to state the failure of your vehicle.

  • Try and go to the side of the road to make way for other vehicles.

  • Keep all the documents that you think will be needed for the towing service and insurance company ready.

You can also get in touch with A&G Customs to find out about their 24-hour emergency towing services. Contact them on 215 669 3072 to get more details today.