What is Body Panel Replacement? When Does Your Car Need It?


"I was looking to replace the front bumper cover for my Nissan Z with a higher performance piece.  

I found the one I was looking for so I needed to find a shop with the experience and expertise to not only modify the bumper cover, mounting brackets,

and other hardware as necessary in order to guarantee a perfect fit but also prime and block sand it properly so there would be an excellent surface to paint.

The final challenge would be getting the paint to match. After discussing the project with Glenn, I decided to trust the job to him.

As it turns out, it was necessary for him to modify the cover, replace various OEM brackets, and fabricate a few other pieces of hardware. 

Fortunately for me, Glenn obsessed over the getting the paint color just right so that it also contained the same amount of metallic flake.

He kept me posted along the way and made sure everything was done to the highest standards. It was obvious that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Thanks to Glenn, my Z has a fantastic new look!"

This is an in depth review which was received by A&G Customs for one of the numerous services it provides.

If you are wondering what service was it, it was body panel replacement.

Here, at A&G Customs, we strive to do the best for our customers. 

Everything is done so smoothly, swiftly, and with a lot of care that your vehicle looks all new.

Our client wanted us to blend in the bumper to his Nissan Z, a customization which was done with such precision and talent that the review speaks for itself. 

What is Body Panel Replacement?

If your car is damaged to the extent that repairing it will not help, then body panel replacement will probably be your only option.

Since cars are made up of various sections, it’s fairly easy to replace the damaged part.

There are several factors to consider when determining whether to repair or replace a damaged panel

5 Factors to Consider

  1. Extent of damage
  2. Availability of replacement panels
  3. Cost of replacement panels
  4. Quality of replacement panels
  5. Difficulty to repair vs. replace

If you’ve decided to opt for body panel replacement, then A&G Customs is your best bet.

We’ve done a number of body panel replacements and know what it takes to get the job done right!

7 Common Types of Body Panel Replacements

1. Quarter Panel Replacement

This is the most common one.

Quarter panels are another word for fenders, but it is only referred to as the back part of the car.

The section starts at the rear of the back doors or the rear of the door if it is a two-door car. 

It goes all the way to the back wheels, and in a few cars, it is extended to the tail light assembly.

2. Fender Replacement

Fenders are the sections that start at the front - straight from the front doors.

It is extended to the front wheels, and sometimes it goes around the headlights.

Another name for fender replacement is front quarter panels.

3. Door Replacement 

If one of the doors of your car is severely damaged in an accident, then it’s better to replace than repair.

So, the door section is taken out and replaced with a new one. 

4.  Hood Replacement 

When the paintless dent repair method can't pop out the dent on the hood, a replacement is needed.

Hood replacement is also common in cases of frontal collision.

5.  Bumper Replacement

Most of the collisions that occur bumper faces the most of the damage if it is from the backside.

So, a replacement is necessary when in a collision the bumper takes most of the impact on itself.

6. Trunk Lid Replacement

Trunk lids are the easiest to replace out of all the parts and are available for more vehicles.

If the car is rear-ended, your trunk will need a replacement.

7. Grille Replacement

It's essential that the front of your car remains intact. 

Otherwise, it will allow dirt and debris to make their way into your engine resulting in mechanical issues.

Did you know that body panel replacement is a viable option for body shops because many of these parts are readily available with them?

Hence, getting in touch with A&G Customs will totally make sense, don’t you think?

Choose A&G Customs for Body Panel Replacement

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