What You Should do After a Car Accident?


There are around 6 million accidents every year in the USA. Out of these, most of them involve property damages and no major physical harm as such.

That said, car accidents can be quite stressful, whether you’re a part of it or not. In such a scenario, there are a series of things that you can do to help yourself and the others around you.

The very first thing that you should do is call 911. Then call the nearest 24/7 towing services in Doylestown or wherever you’re located. They will come and clear up the accident site immediately.

5 Things To Do After A Car Accident

1. Check for Physical Injuries

Check if anyone is seriously hurt. Try and calm them, and assure them that help is on the way. Don’t move them if their back or neck is injured. Moving them can prove fatal. So wait until the paramedics arrive. Once they do, direct them to anyone who is seriously injured.

2. Move Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is in the way, move it. Turn off the ignition and activate the hazard lights. If you have an emergency car kit, place the warning signs on the road.

3. Document the Accident

If your vehicle was part of the accident, use your phone camera to document the damages to your vehicle. This will help in showing evidence to the authorities as well as the insurance company if needed. Noting everything down will also help to recall it later on if you’re asked for more information about the accident.

4. Report the Accident

If you were involved in the accident, remember to report it. Most insurance policies require you to notify the insurance companies immediately. You can also find out if you have any medical benefits as part of the coverage.

5. Exchange Information

Essentially, this is the job of an investigating police officer. They will obtain all the information and share a police report number with all the drivers who were involved in the accident. This number can be used to get the police report.

But if the police don’t respond, then try and get names, addresses, phone numbers of all the people involved in the accident - drivers and passengers alike. If there are a few witnesses, get their details as well so that your attorney or you can contact them if needed in the future.

Accidents can take a tremendous toll on your mental, physical and financial condition. Always stick to the facts, be polite and truthful to ensure a smooth process.