Why Wheel Alignment Is Necessary For City Driving?


What Is Wheel Alignment?

Before we get into the different aspects of understanding the practical use case of wheel alignment and how it affects you, let’s understand its basics!

Wheel alignment is a maintenance service that involves adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels with respect to each other, such that they stand true to the measurements provided by your auto manufacturer.

Since the last few years, wheel alignment has changed a little. Today, we have electronic machines that help with greater precision while inspecting wheels angles. Traditionally, mechanics used to manually adjust the wheels with no help other than a few tools, their strength and intuition about the angle!

Today, we have machines at our disposal that complete this job in a very short time, with technical precision and at affordable costs. So, there’s no reason for you to neglect this aspect of your vehicle. We’re going to discuss further in this blog on why it is important to get your wheels adjusted as well as understand the terminologies behind it. 

What Is Camber?

The ride height of your vehicle varies with changing road speeds because of the aerodynamic forces on the road, leading to performance issues. That is why, riding height should be corrected before setting the camber. Camber specs are wheel alignment specifications that provide minimum tire wear on highway speeds. These settings are set for maximum vehicle stability and handling.

What Is Toe?

Toe, also known as tracking, is the angle of the wheel with the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. A toe setting means the relation of steering linkage with the suspension.

What Is A Setback?


A setback is the amount by which one of the front wheels slips back the other wheel. Such setbacks can cause an uncentered steering wheel. With a misplaced judgement of front wheels, you’ll lose balance of your car. The solution to this problem is to set the toe with reference to the rear wheels.

Note: A setback of less than ¼ inch is normal tolerance, as considered by some manufacturers. Beyond that, you need to show your car to a service center.

What Is A Thrust Angle?

Thrust Angle

A thrust angle is the angle made by the rear wheels with the centerline of the vehicle. This also leads to an uncentered steering wheel. Adjust the rear toe to the center line, followed by the front toe. A technician will look for an adjustable rear toe. If it can’t be set then the front toe must be adjusted with relation to the thrust angle to center the steering.

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Importance of Steering Center

Importance of Steering Center

When you’re driving along a straight road, a steering-center wheel allows you to follow a straight direction. If you don’t have a steering center, you need to perform wheel alignment at your nearest auto service center. This issue arises when you drive along an unleveled road for a long time. This causes the steering wheel to be off-center.

What Does Wheel Alignment Do?

Wheel alignment adjusts your car’s suspension, such that all wheels are rightly oriented with relation to each other as well as the road. It’s very important that every wheel points in the same direction. This exercise helps you prolong the life of your tires. Also, it is a matter of your safety. An uneven steering wheel can cause havoc on the road. So, you need to pay close attention to your car’s alignment.

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Wheel Alignment?

It’s quite simple. If you can answer these below questions, you’ll know what you need.

  • Does my vehicle pull to one side?
  • Does my steering wheel not return to the center position?
  • Do I see tires wear excessively in specific spots?
  • Does my steering wheel vibrate?
  • Do I lose control of my car regularly?

Mechanical failure
Mechanical failures such as wheel alignment are a major cause of motor vehicle accidents. Tyres and braking systems are major components that contribute to the mechanical defects causing accidents on the road, with overloading an additional factor to consider. ]]>Source]]>

How Often Should I Get My Wheels Inspected?

You know what wheel alignment does and why it’s important for your safety. If you regularly service your car, and you haven’t put many miles on it, also, if your car hasn’t met with an accident then you don’t need to worry about it.

But if you drive your car everyday in the city and you have put thousands of miles on your car then you might need to pay close attention to the signs mentioned above that might indicate a misaligned wheel ecosystem. You can check every three to four years, as recommended by manufacturers.

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