What To Do When You Need A Tow


A brownie point for you for taking brilliant care of your car, bidding it off for a weekly car wash, and scheduling a regular inspection with the auto experts near you.

Despite all these sincere efforts, there are times when your big fat machinery breaks down- out of the blue. 

You could be driving to your office, picking up your kids from their evening baseball practice, you could enroute a fantastic road-trip, or maybe even it's just another ordinary day for you and you are navigating to perform just another to-do chore. 

Unpredictably, your car can break down.  Shortest horror story ever!

The possible scenarios you can imagine when your car breaks down are:

getting stranded in the middle of busy traffic, parking lot, highway or in the middle of nowhere. 

You all might have discovered yourself or somebody you know in the above situation at least once in your life.

Here's another fact, nobody imagines getting their vehicles, but in reality, it happens. And, very often than you think. 

Millions of vehicles are towed every year in the USA. That implies thousands every month and hundreds every day. 

We witness hundreds of fellow travelers heading to Doylestown, for a weekend getaway with their near and dear ones. 

Nestling 45 minutes away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this quaint town is just the perfect escape option. The town always is lively and lit up in all the seasons. 

If the influx of tourists is one observation, another is having to attend calls for emergency towing services.

We receive numerous calls day and night contacting us to help them get out of the situation- quite literally. 

Here are the guidelines you should follow when you think you are caught up and in dire need of a tow. 

1. Get Out Of The Way! (seriously)

  • We know, it is annoying when pinned vehicles cause jams and delays. We all have been there either in the role of the sufferer or the victim. 
  • Stay calm! Accidents happen. Feelings of anxiousness won’t get you anywhere. 
  • Next time when you find yourself in the above situation, the first thing you want to do is move out of the way from the traffic for as far as you can. 
  • If your car refuses to start on its own power or you have met with an accident, use traffic cones or flares to direct the traffic the other way. 

2. Stay Inside

  • It's important that you stay inside if your car ever breaks down in the middle of a jam or traffic. 
  • In the case that someone driving along don’t see your car, you’re much protected inside your car than you are beside or in front of it.
  • It is a much safer option if your kids or pets are traveling with you. 
  • While you wait to get help, you can keep all the necessary papers ready and everything you may need from your car. 

3. Make Your Phone Calls

Well, the most obvious person you are going to contact is your friends or family. 

Here is a list of people you should call in case of such emergencies. 

Police: If you have met with an accident don’t waste time and call the police to file a report. 

Insurance Company: Your insurance companies can also help you with ‘roadside assistance plans; besides covering accidents, only if your policy covers it. 

Towing Company: There are 4 different types of tow-trucks and towing charges are fairly standards. A few dollars give or take depending upon various other aspects.

If you are already familiar with a towing company, call them for they will charge you fair prices rather than unknown calling service providers.

Because towing services is not something you opt for every day, hence it is essential that you are familiar with this subject right from the start so that you and your vehicles' safety isn't sacrificed, and you are not robbed of your money. 

What To Do If You’re In Need Of A Tow?

Your home or job must be close to at least one reputable towing service. 

Is it not? 

The easiest thing you can do is carry out of a survey of the companies closest to you and compare their ratings and reviews. 

The past client can give you a brief idea how great or bad their services are. 

Ensure you are calling for a company that is licensed, insured and bonded. This will ensure that the staff is well equipped with knowledge, training, and skills. 

Once the towing company arrives converse about the costs and read carefully the papers if they ask you to sign. 

Here are some of the essential services and qualifications an excellent towing service will offer:

  • Both local and long-distance towing.
  • 24-hour emergency towing services.
  • The usual wheel lift and not just Flatbed towing 
  • A heavy-duty truck to handle massive cars, trucks or SUVs.
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded

What to expect from your tow car operator? 

Expect your tow operator to follow all the guidelines as laid by the authorities. You can expect them to perform the below-listed roles. 

  1. Having a sign or permission to tow agreement.
  2. Taking proper care of your vehicle and personal property. 
  3. Prompt services and solutions. 
  4. Presentation of the bill prior payment. 
  5. 100% customer satisfaction.

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