Which Season has the Most Car Accidents?


A number of road accidents happen every year, be it due to the influence of alcohol or human error.

As per, The ]]>National Highway Traffic Safety Administration]]> (NHTSA) states that a significant number of holiday travelers, with some alcohol-impaired drivers result in twice the number of accidents or deaths during the summer months. 

According to the NHTSA, there have been 10,497 drunk driving deaths in 2016.37,461 lives were lost on the US roadways in 2016 and 3,450 deaths in distraction-related crashes. 

Off the top of your head, you may think that driving on a snowy Monday is the most dangerous time of the year to drive a car. You’ll probably meet with more accidents at that time, but it is not so.

January is not the most dangerous time to drive!

If you refer to the NHTSA report, you’ll see that the most dangerous month to drive and meet with accidents is August. Saturday is the most dangerous day on the roads. 

Maximum accidents happen during these times. 

According to Utah Department of Public Safety and many other American insurance companies, the most accident-prone months of on-road accidents are during the summer season that usually starts from June 1 to August 31. 

The highest mortality due to road accidents is also during these times. 

Causes And Preventive Measures For Road Accidents

1. Reasons For Road Accidents

  • In summer, a number of people go on vacations, there are a lot more people on the road. 

  • Even during the fourth of July weekend, more people travel so there is a higher chance of on-road accidents.

  • Summer signifies favorable driving conditions. Hence, many drivers often cross speed limits, which makes it very risky. 

2. How To Stay Cautious On The Road?

Once human errors reduce, the number of accidents will drastically decrease. 

So caution is always necessary when operating a vehicle, especially on the freeway. Driving too fast in adverse weather conditions plays a significant role in fatal crashes. 

Human reflexes are only so fast, and a higher speed results in less reaction time for drivers. You need to be extra careful and also anticipate or keep a look out for rash drivers. 

Most times, during fatal crashes, it is not the car, but the driver who is responsible. Mechanical failures occur, but that is not the biggest contributor to accidents. 

While driving, you have to wear a seatbelt and focus on the road. You cannot be intoxicated as you need to stay in complete control.

You should avoid talking or texting while driving and keep an eye on the road to be safe at all times. 

3. Towing Services Nearby

There may be times that even when you are extremely careful or focused, you miss the mark.

If you meet with an accident, you need to contact towing services. In case of such a situation, you need to turn off the ignition and activate the hazard lights. 

Make sure you carry an emergency car kit, place the warning signs on the road. 

Towing services are the need of the hour when you are in an unfavorable situation. So always keep a towing service provider contact information handy. 

It is always better to have a 24/7 emergency towing service contact details with you. When you contact towers make sure to check their reviews and ratings online.

Look for trusted professional towing companies with proper insurance as well. Also, ask them about their time of arrival and how fast they can come to your rescue. 

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