Your Car Is Emitting Black Smoke? Here’s The Answer To Every What, Why, And How!


The color of the smoke coming out of your car is the obvious sign that indicates the health of your car.

There can be emissions of either grey, white or black smoke due to different reasons. With black being the sole threat indicator.

Reasons For Excessive Black Smoke Emission

1. Excessive Fuel Burn

Black smoke from diesel cars is fairly common. But if it happens frequently to petrol cars, there is a high chance that the fuel is forced to burn excessively.

2. Bad Components

If components like air filters, sensors, fuel injectors, and fuel pressure regulators are damaged, then your car’s fuel is burning at an excessive rate.

Components Causing Excessive Smoke

1. Fuel Injector

A misfiring engine is a pretty obvious sign of a bad fuel injector. The fuel injector is responsible for supplying fuel to the engine. Thus, when it gets clogged, there is an irregular fuel supply to the engine.

This leads to a misfiring engine, which in turn, produces black smoke.

7 DIY Steps To Clean Fuel Injectors

2. Air Filters

The sole responsibility of air filters is to supply clean air to the engine for combustion. But with time, it gets accumulated with dust and debris.

Thus, if you smell gasoline while starting your car or reduced horsepower while driving it, more often than not, your car’s air filters have started getting clogged.

These clogged air filters lead to frequent emission of black smoke from the engine.

3.  Piston Rings

They control the oil pressure and regulate its supply to the engine.

Thus, when they get damaged, your car may not accelerate to its full potential and the smoke emissions will increase exponentially.

Ways To Avoid Excessive Smoke Emission

1. Regular Automotive Repairs

Keeping the car components clean extends their life.

Also, going for regular oil change helps in reducing the wear and tear caused by the components.

Here’s an example of what happened when I skipped automotive repair for a year.

2. Replace Car Components

When the damage is already done, it's necessary to get rid of the problem causing components as soon as possible.

These components may include air filters, fuel injectors, and EGR Valves.

3. Adding Converter To Turbocharger

Turbochargers are basically used to give more power to your car. They increase the flow of air in the combustion chamber for that extra power.

But, these turbochargers need a lot of fuel to complete the task. Which in turn, leads to a lot of black smoke emissions.

Adding a catalytic converter will help you in tackling this problem.

4. Cleaning Engine Deposits

Carbon deposits are collected in the combustion chamber of your car over a period of time.

The older the car, the more are the deposits!

Adding detergent additive on a regular basis will most likely solve this problem. They help you in cleaning the deposit and maintaining optimum flow.

5. Correcting Fuel / Air Ratio

Sometimes, the ratio of fuel being supplied to the engine and the air pressure is mismatched. This will produce black smoke at an excessive rate.

Thus, checking for valve clearances or injector alignments may solve the problem.

What If Black Smoke Still Persists?

Not every time will DIY methods prove successful for you. And when DIY doesn’t work, then seeking professional help is the only way to solve the problem with ease.

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