Why Opt For Waterless Car Wash? The Experts At A&G Customs Give You 3 Reasons!


A clean car is important to every car owner. 

But since everyone’s talking about conserving water and not wasting it, can you find a better way to clean your cars?

You’ll be surprised to know that you can!

Traditionally, car wash has always been associated with tons of water, soap, and a gas station.Vehicles covered in soap with dirty rags and sponges all over the place.

There’s nothing really wrong with the scenario except the huge quantities of water that’s used to clean the car, especially since the world is facing a huge water crisis.

Therefore, it’s high time people stop wasting water. 

Did you know that gallons of water being wasted on a car wash can fill a swimming pool or even ]]>quench the thirst of millions that face water scarcity every day]]>?

3 Reasons to Switch to Waterless Car Wash

1) Saves Water, Obviously!

save water

This is actually very obvious that you can save gallons of water by switching your car washing method.

Waterless car wash only requires a bucket of water to rinse the cleaning rugs.

It uses lubricity sprays and products to clean your car’s surface instead of soap.

The spray captures all the dust & dirt, same as water.

However it works better than water!

Apply it on the surface of the car and wipe it with a microfiber cloth, which will leave a thin layer of wax.

This protects your vehicle from moisture, dirt, and UV rays.

While opting for waterless car wash make sure you clean your car routinely. This is because if your car is covered in thick dirt or mud, you can’t clean it with the waterless method.

2) Clean Anywhere at Anytime

Who likes waiting in long queues, especially, when it’s summer!

Would you like to sit inside your vehicle in the hot summer sun and wait for it to get cleaned?

Most people like to get their cars cleaned on the weekends, which is the peak period for a car wash and then you end up wasting a majority of your day waiting for the car to get cleaned.

With a waterless car wash, you have the option to clean your vehicle at your own convenience, any place and at any time.

Since water isn’t used, there won’t be any soapy discharge or runoff water when cleaning your vehicle.

3) Saves Money

save money

When you are stranded in queues you know that they need rush things and attend as many customers as possible.

As a result, they won't completely focus on you.

Which means the cleaning job won’t be good enough and you’ll end up paying a hefty amount for a job that wasn’t done so well.

Also, when cars are washed in a hurry, there are scratches left behind and these scratches become evident after a time

So, you’ll need to get them fixed which means you end up paying more.

So, with the waterless car wash method, rust and corrosion will definitely be reduced, thus prolonging the bodywork of your car and saving you money.

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