4 Questions That Will Help You Choose an Ideal Auto Repair Service Professional!


Just like you take good care of your health, you need to take good care of your vehicles too.

Whether you’re in Montgomeryville or Doylestown, your vehicle needs timely checkups and maintenance in order to make sure that it’s in a good working condition.  

Let’s first look at why a professional auto repair service can do wonders.

Why is it Important to Schedule Regular Appointments With Auto Repair Shops?

Scheduling regular appointments has many advantages. Here are a few.

  1. Auto repairs are required to ensure your car doesn't face a breakdown in the middle of nowhere (imagine a worst case scenario!).
  2. Decrease the risk and occurences of accidents. 
  3. Bringing your car to an auto repair shop near you will warrant that your car runs smoothly for long and also remains fuel efficient. (hunting and halting after every few miles can be frustrating!)
  4. Helps you save costs.

If you’ve religiously been sending your car to the auto repair shop, yet it has been giving you insane bills and trust issues, it is time you consider the following points. 

4 Crucial Questions to Ask Auto Repair Service Providers

1. Are the auto repair service providers licensed & insured?

The first and the foremost thing to verify is whether the auto repair company you're visiting is licensed and insured. Ask for their certifications. 

Their certificates are evidence of how ethical they are when it comes to their profession and their customers. 

Also, browse through their website and dive deep into their reviews and ratings. They will speak volume about the company’s and the staff’s work.

2. Is their staff well trained?

What good is an auto-repair professional if they haven’t undergone rigorous hours of training?

You also need to ensure that they are well equipped with the latest tools and equipment. 

Incompetent staff will do more harm than good to your vehicle.

3. Are they replacing/restoring the perfect body parts?

If they aren't doing so, pretty sure they are successfully running a scam. 

Replacing or restoring wrong body parts can mean significant danger to you and your vehicle. 

Such unethical practises will only render temporary solutions to your automobile problems.

4. Do they just mean profits?

A good business is one which focuses on customer relationships and customer satisfaction.

A registered auto repair shop will offer 100% customer satisfaction whereas an unregistered one will focus on extracting extra money from you. 

If you haven’t been content with your auto repair technicians, it’s probably because you’re not asking the right questions. 

This means you haven’t been able to find a reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop yet.

A&G Customs - The One Stop Shop for all Your Auto Repair Needs

We realise how outrageous it is to encounter any car trouble especially when you're in a hurry or distant from an auto repair shop. 

At A&G Customs, they understand you and your car needs more than anybody else. 

They are a bunch of automobile geeks who are well versed with the machinery and own all the tools, equipment and parts to do their job.

They are also licensed, insured and bonded. 

A&G Customs Thorough With Everything They Do!

When you take your car to them, they carry out a deep investigation right from the interiors to the motor.

They will check the following parts and more. They will replace or restore them as needed. 

  • Brake pad
  • Oils & fluids - all types
  • Tire pressure
  • Motor
  • Alignment 
  • Air filters
  • All lights

Their main objective is to rend you permanent solutions and offer you 100% customer satisfaction. So if you’re looking for an auto repair shop in Montgomeryville, you can call them at 215 669 3072 They will love to guide you.