Is your Car Vibrating Abnormally? Here is why!


Car owners usually treat their vehicles as their most prized possessions, but what they do not realize during the early years is that owning a car for a long time confirms their chances of facing auto problems.

According to Doylestown Auto Repair Services, among all the auto problems, an abnormally vibrating car is perhaps the most common malady a vehicle owner has to tackle.

It can be quite annoying and extremely irritating.

But why exactly does a car vibrate? What is the actual reason?

Although diagnosing the problem with a car requires expert eyes and expert hands like a Doylestown Auto Repair Shop Near You, you yourself can sometimes be the judge and determine why your car might be vibrating more than usual – a simple DIY check of a few items does the trick usually.

The solution to the problem could either be quite affordable or a signal for a more serious problem with your four-wheeler.

It depends on your ability to diagnose the problem efficiently.

Let us now look at a few reasons that you need to consider that can tell you why your car might be vibrating.

Trust us when we say that the entire diagnostic process is quite simple and easy to do. So read on to find out more.

4 Common Causes of an Abnormally Vibrating Car

1. Problems with the Axle

A car is literally filled with several rotating parts that have to work in perfect harmony for the car to work properly and efficiently.

But if a car’s axle gets bent for some reason, the car might vibrate more than usual, and quite abnormally.

This problem increases with the speed of the car, stopping you from driving at a decent pace.

In such a case, the car’s axle, as well as the driveshaft, needs to be checked thoroughly, either by an expert from one of the many Doylestown Auto Repair Services or by yourself.

2. Problems with the Engine

When driving your car, you might feel a sudden shudder or sake coming from under the hood of your car, i.e., from your engine.

This is because your air filter might be clogged and your engine might not have a sufficient supply of free-flowing air, or simply because of your running short on fuel.

According to experts from a Doylestown Auto Repair Shop, when your engine is the cause of abnormal vibrations, there are a few symptoms that can confirm the theory. They are:

  • Staccato shaking, similar to what you might experience when driving over a rumble strip
  • Jerking or shudder when you increase the speed
  • Gradual increase in vibrations as you drive

If any of these symptoms match your situation, then you need to pop the hood and check the engine or have it checked by a mechanic.

3. Problems with the Braking System

You might feel a strange vibration in your car whenever you hit the brakes.

This could mean that the rotors in your car’s braking system might be bent or broken.

A bent rotor usually happens due to heavy wear and tear and excessive brake usage.

This is a serious problem, as dysfunctional brakes can land you in a road-rash or road accident.

You need to have your car braking system checked on an urgent basis, and that too by an expert, so that you can secure yourself while you drive.

4. Problems with your Tires

There are different conditions that your tires could be in, that could define and explain the type of vibrations you might be feeling while driving your car.

Your tire balance might be off if your car vibrates at only certain speeds.

Constant vibrations your mean major wear and tear of the tires and warrants immediate replacement.

Whatever the case might be, you must always opt for an expert opinion before going for the solution.

There are many other reasons for which your car might vibrate abnormally. To get more details, please visit A&G Customs.