Frozen car in the winter

Winter is the best time of the year for a lot of reasons such as Christmas and New Year. 

But, it is undoubtedly, the worst time for car maintenance. 

If you own a car and live in cities such as Doylestown, PA where it snows,...

car on the towing truck

It has happened to the best of us.

Your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere and you needing immediate assistance!

Whether you’re an expert or not, it’s amateurish of you to think you can fix the problem.


car keys in the hand

Buying a car is not about making the best deal by bargaining with the sales executive but it’s about knowing when the best deals are made. 

Sure, the prices of cars definitely depend on its brand, model, and the level of bargaining you...

car theft

About $6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2017 as stated by the ]]>...

car stuck in the sand

Around half the population in the U.S. rents cars for vacations and road trips because renting a car gives you more freedom than hiring a cab. 

You can rent a car via any local rent-a-car service if you want to pay a visit to your...

Classic Car

"In our time..." - this is a phrase we’ve heard all too often.

Our grandparents reminisce their younger days and inevitably compare the cultural differences between the generations.

Whether it’s work, lifestyle or...

car steering wheel

Most people who own cars spend a great deal of time behind the wheels.Yet they aren’t clean like they should be.

If you were to look in any car, you’d certainly find old wrappers, receipts, used tissues, coins, newspapers, and what not...

check engine light is blinking

When talking about blinking, know that while a cat’s eye blinking is normal, a car’s engine light blinking isn’t. 

In fact, it’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore.

An engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle; thus, most people are...

remove abrasions and scratches from your car

Abrasions, scratches or any other kind of imperfections can’t be avoided by you or your car. 

However, ]]>...

Car Vintage Antique Automobile Old Rust

Who would have thought a simple chemical reaction when metal is exposed to moisture can ruin your car?

It starts with an ominous brown stain, a bubble in the paint at the bottom when you first notice it.